Put it on the Company Card

  • October 11th, 2019
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My company was sending me off on a business trip for a few days to cork City ( I live in Dublin so its only 2 hours away…. perfect ).and then staying in a nice hotel the Imperial Hotel Cork City on MacCurtain Street If I remember. ( Awesome Hotel as well by the way )


Anyway the Trip was fairly standard I’d have seminars each day and talks etc etc all the usual boring stuff , but my nights were totally free and just as boring, as I was the only one sent from my particular company. The first day activities weren’t too bad, and I finished off the day with dinner and a beer the hotel restaurant.


Bored I went Back up to my room, got undressed and wondered what I should do for the night. Said fuck it i’ll try VIP ESCORTS CORK and maybe meet in one of the many local bars there was a great one just down the road called the BRU . But my hotel room was so nice, and I felt so tired from the dinner and seminar I had, that I said hopefully they won’t mind the Hotel Room.


So I grabbed my laptop and on to VIP ESCORTS i  went, clicked Cork and what do you know Boom “LATINA” 🙂 Back in Dublin I had this particular fantasy about one of my work mates called Sofía a spanish girl. She was a sexy Latina, who after over a year of working with I still haven’t plucked up the courage to ask her out for a drink!! but she was drop dead gorgeous, and I was absolutely hooked on her.


After about fifteen minutes on the laptop, I found her 😀


OMG!!!!! They had got her exactly as I wanted . slightly mocha skinned, tall and Tits the size of melons.


Her name was Mariana, and she was Latino like Sofia They had the same hair colour and everything (black). I called up Mariana and within thirty-five minutes she was knocking on my door. I Said to make herself comfortable and asked if there was anything I could order up for us we Settled on a bottle of Prosecco. After a few drinks and Quick Chat she slipped out of her shoes, and sat on the bed. She then leaned closer and gave me a kiss on the lips. we quickly began to undress each other. My god it was the best sex I had ever had She made everything Perfect !! and boy can she fuck! I can’t wait to get back to Cork City and see Mariana again. To say my fantasy has been fulfilled is a understatement. Thanks VIP ESCORTS!!!

By Martin

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Crazy Sex FEM DOM!!!

  • October 11th, 2019
  • admin

It was tough day and I felt like doing something special ,So I decided to go onto VIP ESCORTS CORK and Get something special someone who is versed in Fem Dom and is dominating without being to bad this is the Beauty of VIP ESCORTS they cater for everything and it was my first time. So I booked the Maldron Hotel Cork City as it was perfectly central.


So here I was sitting submissively at her feet in the City Central Hotel room, waiting for me to get instructions. The metal links of my lead sliding easily through her fingers as she contemplated how best to tease me. In a good way, of course!!!!. She give a little tug and whip which sent me wild. The lead is hooked to a thin leather collar with a few studs nothing to bad. But oh my does she look like a goddess…….only VIP ESCORTS CORK could have got her.


My day to day job is boring and I wanted something different. So my first interaction was faaaaaaaaaaaar from boring “wait would you have me do master I said” I was all too eager to please ( I usually boss people around in work so this was GREAT ) She shoves one foot in my face / direction. “Yes, you may….Suck it now”


I wanted to go all the way up and up, but she whipped the chain. She then indicated to her other foot. My god I felt dirty but I loved it. I cannot recommend VIP ESCORTS CORK more.

It was experience to remember. Trust me she will not disappoint .  I would go into the other things but that’s a story for another time 😉

By Martin

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My Cousin Has His fuck buddy Teach Me About Sex

  • October 11th, 2019
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When I was eighteen I went to my Aunt’s Restaurant to work for the summer in the City Centre ( Cork ) . My cousin was twenty-one and he and I stayed at the apartment upstairs above the restaurant.The Majority of nights my cousin would go out to bars like The Sextant, Mutton lane and the Boardwalk to meet girls and dance. He started bringing one girl in particular home almost every time he went out. She was a Hottie and just like some of the Girls here on VIP ESCORTS CORK.


They would have sex in the bedroom next to mine and I could hear them. I asked my cousin one day what it was like. He said if I wanted to have sex with “Linda” he would tell her to or he would tell her he would not go out with her any more. I thought he was messing with me so I told him that would be great. The next night they came in from the bar ( Brick Lane in Cork City Centre ) and Linda came over and sat by me on the couch.


She said I hear you want to fuck me. I thought they were both still making fun of me so I said yes I would. She said Ok lets go to the bedroom and I’ll show you a good time. We went to the bedroom and she stripped and got on the bed. She said well take off your clothes and come here. I took of my clothes and got in bed with her. She kissed me and reached down and caressed my penis.


She said wow your really hard I think you’re ready and so am I. She rolled on her back and spread her legs and I move between them to enter her but as soon as my dick touched her I came all over her pussy before I even got it in her and I rolled off onto my back. She said that’s OK I think you were a little too excited and told me to just rub my cum on her pussy as she reached down and started rubbing my wet cock.


I rubbed her wet pussy and started sliding my fingers into her. She reached down and put her hand on mine and told me she would show me where to touch her. She would push on the back of my finger with hers when I touched her where she liked it. She said I’m your first aren’t I and I told her she was. She said I showed you where I like to be touched but it would be better if you used your mouth to lick and suck me there.


I moved down and started giving her oral sex. I liked the taste and smell and how it made her moan. As I slid my tongue in and licked inside her and then sucked on the top of her pussy where the lips came together she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it hard against her and juices came flooding from her. She pushed my head away and pulled me up to her and started kissing me and licking my face.


Then she told me she was going to suck my cock and wanted me to cum in her mouth. She moved down and started licking me and with her hand she was squeezing my balls, she took me in her mouth and started sucking and moving her tongue over the end of my dick. I came much faster than I wanted to again and she swallowed it all and looked up and smiled at me.


Then she moved up and kissed me and reached down and guided my still hard penis into her cunt and started pumping. She started screaming, Cumming and bit me on the shoulder I still have the mark (My first sex tattoo). She kept pumping until I came in her. She said “That was fun” and got up and got dressed. I put on my pants and we went out to the living room where my cousin was and he told Linda they should go to the bedroom but she said she would rather go home and left.


My cousin asked how it was and I told him it was great. After that my cousin told me Linda would not dance with him and didn’t want to see him any longer. I never told him she came to ‘SEE’ me every night after a hard night in the local pubs around Cork .( We had to move around Cork City so he did not notice us are favourite haunt was the Bodega it’s a classy place full of Hot Poon just like VIP ESCORTS CORK ) she could the rest of the summer while he was out. I got to where I could last much longer and make her cum multiple times. I never did learn to dance but learned something I liked doing much more. And with what she taught me I have been with many girls since and hope they enjoyed it as much as I have.

By John

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Fucking My Hot Neighbor

  • October 11th, 2019
  • admin

It was a hot summer  day in Cork City so I decided to go for a walk around the city namely the main street Patricks Street. Finishing that walk I was just about to enter my house when out walked my neighbor Sharon I knew her name as she also worked in Cork City and I would see her every so often.


She was a good six inches shorter than I, and I was 6 foot. She had a big white bubble butt that hypnotized me as she walked by I had never seen a girl so smoking hot until I went on to VIP ESCORTS CORK. All I could do was stand and stare. She looked at me and asked did I want to go for a walk and drink in the local Cork City bar Electric. However I had already finished my walk so politely declined (Stupidly).


As she returned from her walk she was sweating, and sweating a lot. The sweat was running down her face and you could see the line running down her back and ass crack. Her yoga pants were so tight, I thought they would burst under the pressure of that ass.


She was fit though, you could define the abs under her big tits. Her tits were another sight too. As she walked they taunted me by jumping up and down and sometimes slipping the nip.


Anyway, when she returned to her house next door I watched her through the fence. She turned on the hose and started to spray herself off. The cold water made her nips hard and I could see them protruding through her bra.


I decided to keep watching, then I pulled down my pants as my cock was getting strenuously hard. I started jerking as she washed herself off, she even pulled her yoga pants down a little, revealing her pink panties and big ass.


Just as I was getting into things, I knocked over the shoveling send a clatter throughout the neighborhood. She stopped what she was doing and looked around, I tried to stay still, but I saw her blonde hair turn my way. She paced over to the fence.


“What the fuck!” Sharon shouted. “I can explain,” I said.


There was no use she was already in my yard. I said I was sorry, but she didn’t care. She looked at my cock and asked if she could touch. Bewildered by the question I said yes. Her warm moist hands wrapped around my long fat cock.


I started stroking her hair. It was so soft, even if it was wet. She stroked faster, and faster. Eventually her luscious lips were around it sucking and licking like no tomorrow. She said I had one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. I tore her bra off and sucked her huge nips and tits.


She moaned and groaned. She said she had been meaning to ask me out for a drink to the hottest restaurant and bar in Cork City, but this was much better and easier ( No wait times she said ). I settled in the sun chair as she carefully took of her pants. She revealed her monstrous ass. It was nice and shiny from the sweat. I tore her panties off and told her to get over here. She smiled and started to spread, sit, and move up and down on my long 10 inch dick.


Her cheeks clapped as she started to go faster. Her pussy was so wet, there was no need for lube. I grabbed her tits from behind to make her stop, she settled down, sat on my stomach, with her pussy still wrapped around my cock. I lifted her up until she was just far enough.


Then I start destroying that cooch. I was going as fast as possible, up, down, up, down. She screamed. I was lucky none of the neighbors checked on us. Finally I could feel it, the sensation of an orgasm. I squeezed her tits even harder and pumped harder, she squealed like a little girl.


Finally, I suddenly slowed and felt the hot cum dripping out of her pussy. I didn’t stop. I kept thrusting until the cum was shooting out of the sides. She got loose and caught her breath. Finally, she got up and sucked my cock until the moon was high in the sky.


She finally asked me with a mischievous glint in her eye…..So want to go for that drink in the Oyster Tavern.


If you want a girl as passionate and fun as this girl I can only recommend VIP ESCORTS CORK no experience has come close as on here.

By Martin

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  • November 8th, 2018
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Most of us like to have some noise on in the background during sex. We might start getting amorous with a movie or TV show on, but sometimes we’ll choose to put some music on. It could be an artist we love, or something that makes us feel sexy.

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