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Everyone has a fetish. Some are sensual and soft in bed, while others like the hard stuff like being whipped and spanked. Here on the VIP Escorts website, there will at least be one dominatrix escort who can help you fulfill your desires. Fifty Shades of Grey have given everyone who has see the movie a taste of the secret world of domination, bondage and fetishes. The movie has got a lot of us at VIP very interested in domination ,its a nice example of total power exchange between the dominant partner who controls the submissive at all times. The world of the dominatrix is believed to be a scary world of pain. Our Imagination thinks about dungeons, whips, chains and leather-clad Mistresses who are there to humiliate, manipulate and make a slave out of you.(sounds like fun) Being a dominatrix is actually a lot harder than you might think. A dedicated dominatrix spends years honing her craft. She is a strong, independent woman who is perceptive and knows what makes her client squirm without going over the top. After all, they engage in serious role-play. A good dominatrix will understand her client’s psychological triggers and uses it to control them.


An evening with a dominatrix generally will involve physical and psychological pain, and humiliation. Mistresses will demand respect and obedience, and provide tough punishment as necessary. When it comes to domination, good behavior and excellent communication is extremely crucial, not only in developing a nurturing relationship but also to avoid any kind of physical or psychological trauma to either party. There are a lot of services that a dominatrix offers. From discipline to foot worship to tough whipping and caning to spanking with paddles, but they all boil down to one thing – dominating their clients. The domination can take place anywhere and the dominatrix usually wears a leather or latex fetish outfit with spiky heels.(we here at VIP are getting excited) Clients are mostly submissive men who come to explore their submissive side and get it out of their system and to have fun. They’re looking for a Mistress who can push them to there fantasy . Other clients are men who find escape in submission, especially those who are weighed down by a lot of responsibility and stress.They want a safe environment where they can experience sometimes a painful but pleasurable encounter where it’s literally impossible to think about any of there stresses. People don't always understand why they take pleasure in sadomasochism, but the yearning for submission often comes from relishing the experience of role reversal. Everybody needs escapism but one needs to realize that getting involved with a dominatrix can be a big deal, it can revolutionize your sex life. It will influence your fantasies and thoughts for a long time.


The VIP Escort Ireland search will find you the dominatrix's that's a perfect match for you in our easy to use search section, In just a few clicks, you will be shown those with the domination services you are fantasizing about nearby, so all you have to do is visit their profile and get in touch. Our search is a best way to find your dream mistress, especially if you are interested in some of the more niche services. Use the search to get in touch with those who love it as much as you and you will not be disappointed. Once you've entered a room with a VIP Escort who can spank you hard, you will be immersed into a world where you are the slave and she is the mistress.