Anal sex is penetration of the anus with either a penis or a strap on. A strap on will give a punter the chance to experience what it is like to be penetrated. There is no need to rush anal play or anal sex. Some think it’s ok to go hard straight away, but then will wonder why they can’t sit down for a week with the pain. Plenty of lubrication helps as your partner can slip inside you a little easier. Also if you are looking to try anal play, and rimming in particular, then remember to clean thoroughly. If you have a partner willing to receive anal sex, then communication and making them feel listened to and comfortable will make for a great experience. Talk and find out what each other wants to get from the experience. The use of lube is very important in anal play. Even though a condom has it’s own lube it is advisable to use extra. One last thing, if you are going between anal and vaginal sex then it’s important to know that the transfer of bacteria can cause an infection. So change the condom between both types and your date will thank you in the long run.
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