Hardsports is known by many other names, such as coprophilia, scatophilia, and scat. It is when someone gets sexual arousal and pleasure from faeces, either being covered in it or consuming it (coprophagia). Similar to watersports, hardsports often takes place in a bathroom or wet room, where the resulting mess can be easily cleaned up, often by the receiver. It is often associated with the world of BDSM, as one person is establishing dominance over another and humiliating them by showing that they are equivalent to a toilet. Sometimes, they see it as a gift from an attractive woman and want to accept it to show they accept their partner. If you wish to try this with your partner, make sure you give them plenty of notice. They will need to adjust what they eat to ensure it is the right consistency for you, and will also need to save up their poo just for you. Scat can be performed in person or by deferral, with you saving the poo in a lunchbox for when you want it. Most tend to opt for the in person option, as they get to spend time with their partner while it happens. Set aside a time that is good for both of you, so that neither of you have to rush or force it. Taking your time with hardsports makes it easier for both of you to enjoy it. While you are getting ready for the hardsports, listen to your partner. If they want to move things into the wet room or bathroom then do so. It will make things easier to clean up afterwards, and you can both relax and be safe in the knowledge that you are in a safe environment. For some, there is even more arousal to be had if they rub it in, or if they are forced to by their dominant partner. If that is something you are not comfortable with, explain to your partner this. You should both be comfortable with the activities you are undertaking to ensure a healthy relationship.

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